Haloween Harvest for the Hungry

Hard to believe we're heading into our next Halloween Harvest for the Hungry. For the fifth year in a row, Lower Coverdale Youth will embark on a mission to fill the shelves of our local food bank. We've collected literally, thousands of pounds of food over the years. Congratulations for making the needy a priority.

 This year I hope will be our largest harvest yet. Both in collections and participants. Years from now, you won't be looking back at all the candy you collected and ate on Halloween night from trick'er-treating... But if you do the HHFTH, you will remember that. You will remember making a difference when you could, where you could and when you should.

I challenge you... Deny yourself this Halloween. Commit to doing the harvest. Here is a great text to read about God and the value He places on helping the poor and hungry.

Matthew 25:31-46

No one person has to do it all... But we all need to do something.

Much love,

Pastor Kurt